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Flooring/Wall Tile

We offer the latest trends in floor covering products, from the Nation’s leading flooring manufacturers. We only partner with trusted brands we have worked with for years, that offer an array of flooring products at various competitive price points. If you already have national specifications or need assistance determining the right products, colors, and packages, we at INSPIRE INTERIORS can help! Whether you need help with layouts, drawings or shower details, our educated estimating team is there to support you every step of the way. Our carefully selected qualified installation teams will ensure superior workmanship and care are given on every job.


Making the best carpet selection involves determining the characteristics, aesthetics, performance requirements, and budget you need before you decide. With a wide range of styles, colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, carpet is one of the most affordable yet comfortable options for any home. Carpet does not need a perfect subfloor, as it hides most sub-floor irregularities which could be very expensive to correct. Carpet is relatively inexpensive, as well as easy to install and replace if needed.



Of all the options you have for floor coverings, tile is the most versatile and popular flooring material selected by home buyers today. Its longevity, durability with easy maintenance and care, make floor tile a great choice. Our national brands offer a variety of styles, colors, sizes and finish options, all at varying price points to fit any specification level or price point. We also offer various tile pattern designs available, which will be installed by our professional installation teams.


Wall Tile is an excellent upgrade addition to your shower walls, backsplashes, or even standing alone as a statement wall. Wall tiles add depth, character, and dimension to any vertical space. As a vertical surface, foot traffic and slip resistance are not concerns, which means you can choose from almost any material, size, shape, or texture to enhance the style of your kitchen backsplash, accent wall or bathrooms. Shower wall tiles are installed in a wet environment that require proper moisture barriers and/or backer board to ensure the installation stays watertight. More information is available from our educated team – just ask us!

Wall Tile
Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank is a cost-effective alternative to ceramic tile and other hardwood products. With various attractive styles, colors, and plank sizes available, luxury vinyl plank gives a similar visual of wood plank tile, but at a much more affordable price. A factor very important to consider is the level and condition of the subfloor, as it must be within level tolerance for a quality installation to be achieved. Luxury vinyl flooring is highly resistant to water, mildew and stains and replacing damaged planks is an easy process.


With the appearance of solid hardwood but usually at a more affordable price, engineered wood is compiled of layers of real wood veneers, which makes the planks more dimensionally stable. In addition to cost savings, engineered wood is more moisture tolerant, less likely to warp, and enables a faster easier installation. One con is that you can’t refinish engineered products like solid wood alternatives. Just like solid wood products, engineered wood products still create a sense of luxury and warmth in any home.



Solid Hardwood exudes luxury and comfort, while radiating a feeling of warmth underfoot. Composed of solid wood species such as cherry, maple, or oak, hardwood floors are a classic option bringing distinguished style to any home. From smooth to distressed finishes with varying plank lengths and widths, hardwood floors never go out of style. Hardwood is also a very low maintenance flooring surface with only light sweeping or vacuuming required on an as needed basis.